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 "Wir sammeln die besten Informationen zur Verbesserung der Gesundheit."

English translation ~ "We collect the best information to improve health."

Denise Clarke and husband, Alfred Luckerbauer are the founding members of the GesundheitsVerein. GesundheitsVerein is an Austrian non-profit association ... similar to a 501 (c)3 ...  located in Austria.

 In the German language "Gesundheit" means Health and "Verein" is a group of people with common interest


Health is a #1 Concern!

Imagine a world where everyone was educated on how to live a healthy life ... not just where you popped a pill to mask symptoms, but to actually learn how to prevent these same symptoms from occurring. That, my friends, is where the GesundheitsVerein comes in to play.

The GesundheitsVerein is based on collecting the best information to improve health. It is up to YOU, to take responsibility, educate yourself and decide what is best for you as an individual. The GesundheitsVerein is a platform for the members to share the very best health information available.

At present the website is in German, but soon there will be a site up in English.

The GesundheitsVerein is looking for worldwide partners

to promote this organization 

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