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Denise Clarke 

"Life should be celebrated with great friends & good bottle of wine " ~Denise Clarke

If everyday is an adventure, then Denise Clarke has been fortunate to live her life as a GREAT adventure! Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, she relocated to Florida over thirty years ago and recently made the move to Europe where she now calls Austria home.

In the year 2000, Denise retired as a paramedic / firefighter / captain for Collier County EMS. Since then she has re-invented herself as a writer, blogger and internet marketer . As one of the “baby boomers” generation, her “retirement” is certainly different from her grandparents or parents! She actually works harder now that she is retired than when she had a real job … if you can call being a paramedic a real job … LOL!

As a paramedic, Denise was passionate about her career …. now she is passionate about blogging, internet marketing and writing. Each day she wakes up full of ideas and eagerly rushes to put them on paper. Denise looks forward to each day as a challenge …. As Denise says, “who ever thought that I would be tossing words like SEO, html and Google around … in fact I even Google myself on a regular basis … and I liked it so much that I wrote a book about it! "Google Yourself for FUN and PROFIT" ... it is an Introduction to Identity Branding and is now a #1 best seller on Amazon as a "Kindle Edition."

Denise's new career gives her the freedom to travel the world, another one of her passions! She has literally have been sitting on the back of her boat the “Funlovers,” in a secluded harbor in the Abacos tweaking her Internet business and checking e-mails. Does it get better than that? As long as Denise has her trusty laptop and an Internet connection life is sweet!

In addition to all of this, Denise is now involved in several projects revolving around health and the quality of food that is available to the masses.  Growing clean food, permaculture, BIO and organics are all areas that she is exploring with the hopes of changing the way that many see our food sources.

Recently, the world of cryptocurrency has peaked her interest ... in particular the BitCoin along with the technology of blockchains. This relatively new high tech knowledge could revolutionize the world economy and how we view "money" in general. 

denise clarke author action marketing team


Alfred, Denise's husband, and her Maltese Jerry Lee, are the joys of her life. Yes, every day is an adventure and whether she is hanging out in Europe, the Bahamas or the good old USA ... as long as she has good friends and family close by, life is great!


Blogger Babe is Born ...

"Blogs are like children .. you wake them up in the morning, give them a little attention, pat them on the butt and send them on their way"

~Denise Clarke

After retirement Denise wanted to do something new and challenging ... being out there as a paramedic was pretty exciting, but she wanted to touch her creative side. She always enjoyed writing ... so ... after  a few online articles under her belt she decided to enter the world of blogging.

Denise didn't grow up with computers or the internet so writing a BLOG, or web log, was entering foreign territory.  She started out slowly, not really knowing where any of it was going until one day Denise realized, "hey, I'm pretty good at this stuff" and what was even better ... "GOOGLE thought I was pretty good, too!"

denise clarke writer

The "Blogger Babe" was born.  Denise spends a lot of time blogging for individuals and their companies.  In the morning she may be a pro-football player and in the afternoon a famous Chef or a physician ... you just never know!

The Blogger Babe launched the  "Action Marketing Team" in 2010 where she uses her blogging talents along with her other internet marketing skills to drive business ... along with cash flow to both online and offline businesses.  The recent addition of offering Social Media Manager programs to clients is the latest "A" Team effort to stay relevant in the Internet marketing field.  In the field of social media ... engagement is the name of the game.  Action Marketing Team will show you how!